School supplies for young people with autism.- Fundame Foundation

Venezuela has a hyper-inflationary economy where each household works magic to be able to cover expenses, since the base salary of each parent family today is equivalent to less than $12 per month, which is not enough to cover the necessary expenses among them, food, clothing, footwear, and much less for school supplies. This being a great weakness for many children and adolescents who stop attending their classrooms because their parents cannot acquire their supplies.

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This great problem is experienced in every Venezuelan home, but more so those parents who have autistic children, because not only must they cover the expenses of food, clothing, footwear, supplies, but they must also take their children weekly to therapies.


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In my community there is a Foundation directed to support those parents with children and young people with Autism, where they support them in orientation, in obtaining psychological therapies, some free, others at low costs. Autism Foundation of the Esteller Municipality located in Venezuela is a non-profit foundation, where it does not have its own income, or support from any public body.Puede ser una imagen de texto que dice "P"

In this Foundation I am a collaborator, I have observed the great vulnerability that exists in their homes, where up to 50 people between children and young people are cared for daily. An economic study was carried out on the most vulnerable people, aged between 6 and 11 years, who are in the early stages of school.

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That is why I come to Serey fundraising, to ask for a donation of $200 to be able to buy school supplies (being the first stage) for 20 children of this foundation, to support them in this new school year. Where to donate for each child:

2 Single subject notebook.

1 Color Box

5 graphite pencils

1 pencil sharpener

1 Eraser


Goal: $200
Raised: $0